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Take Your Executive Coaching Practice
To The Next Level

Do you have an established roster of executive clients but are looking for fresh ways to interact with them? Or are you just starting to build your practice and looking for a platform that will wow prospects and enhance your online presence? The Chairman’s Academy has just what you need.

Built on a robust learning management platform that is currently utilized to deliver executive-level training to our Fortune 500 customers, the Chairman’s Academy provides both new and established executive coaches with a customized online multi-media platform for delivering video, presentation, and white paper content that will elevate your coaching brand, differentiate your practice, and extend your reach. Whether your focus is on leadership, personal branding, or helping your clients accelerate their career trajectory, the Chairman’s Academy delivers a challenging, interactive environment to aid you and your clients in achieving their goals.



Your success as an Executive Coach is dependent on three things: reputation, results, and the ability to reach prospective clients. Membership in the Chairman’s Academy helps you maximize all three by making the following items available to you:


  1. A secure, customized, and branded Chairman’s Academy sub-site to safeguard your intellectual property while augmenting your one-on-one coaching with video tutorials and additional reading. Choose from a variety of templates that are easily customized and ready to launch in a matter of hours.
  2. A robust learning management environment that allows you to develop a formal curriculum and create courses, develop the underlying lessons, set learning milestones, and track client progress.
  3. A user registration system that allows you to tailor the content clients have access to and even collect payment on the site – critical for growing your practice.

Last but not least, all registered Chairman’s Academy coaches have the opportunity to work with the Chairman’s Academy to deliver your specialized content to our existing customers – a perk that gives you direct access to Fortune 500 executives from a variety of industries. Choose from one of the following membership packages to get started today.

Choose from one of our tailored coaching packages to get started today.