What is an LMS?

What is an LMS?

Learning Management System Explained

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are platforms that give organizations the ability to train, teach, manage and track learners. Information regarding the delivered content is collected and presented via reports. A good LMS handles all the aspects of the learning process. The LMS industry has grown significantly in recent years as organizations are quickly recognizing the benefits and cost savings of online training. Irrespective of industry, an LMS can cater to any business or teaching institution looking for a fast, efficient training tool.

LMS in Corporate Space

Businesses that train generally create courses that are shorter in length and can sometimes be completed in a single session. It's the performance metrics and reporting tools that indicate to employers where staff shortcomings lie.

LMS in Educational Space

Learning Management Systems for Universities and other educational institutions allow instructors to manage their courses and interact with their students. These courses can be several weeks to a few months in length, and allow instructors to provide ongoing support to students as the class progresses.

Benefits of an LMS

A Smoother Operation

The right Learning Management System can significantly change the outlook of an organization. The perks are tangible and almost any company, NPO, or school will see its results soon after implementation.

Cost Savings

No need for expensive travel costs and time-consumption. No need to pay for lodging. SkyPrep's Learning Management System costs a fraction of the price.


Users can take the training at their own pace from anywhere in the world. All that is needed is access to the internet.


The best LMS platforms are easy-to-use and intuitive. SkyPrep provides an experience with nearly no learning curve, meaning anybody will be able to use it within minutes.

Increase Knowledge

E-Learning helps increase knowledge retention within companies. Keep your employees up-to-date and ahead of the competition.

Types of Learning Management Systems

How To Deliver Training

There are hundreds of different options when it comes to choosing an LMS. The key to selecting the right one should be based on who you are and what you are looking for.

Cloud-Based or Installed?

An installed LMS has the benefit of working offline, but requires constant updates and can be problematic for remote users. A cloud-based LMS can always be accessed from the internet and doesn't require the user to install updates. Cloud-based software is very scalable, with data hosted in a centralized location.

Technical or Non-Technical?

You will find many learning management systems that have tons of features, but this isn't always a good thing. Often, with more features comes more complexity, for both the learner and the administrator. If your goal is to set-up a training platform with a minimal amount of friction, choose a platform that has the features that you are looking for without being overly complicated.

Authoring Tool or Content Distributor?

Some training platforms come with the ability to create content within the application, while others are only a tool that distributes the content you upload. SkyPrep gives you the flexibility to both create and upload.

ChairmansAcademy Hosted LMS

Your Solution

SkyPrep LMS is simple and intuitive, with all the features you need to build a fantastic teaching or training program. Best of all, your content is stored securely in the cloud.

Upload Your Documents and Videos

Documents uploaded can be annotated and are ready for use in as many courses as you want. Materials can include: Word, Excel and PDF Documents, PowerPoints, Videos and more.

Create Your Exams

Create an unlimited number of exams that include questions in multiple choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank, and short answer format. Set time limits, passing grades and other settings and have tests automatically graded.

Build Courses

Simply pick-and-choose from your uploaded material and created exams to create whole courses. Then, add your learners and voila! Set course start dates and deadlines, and award course certificates to those who complete a course. Building courses made easy!

At ChairmansAcademy, LMS means Learning Made Simple